Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Recently, we were asked to plan a conference closing dinner, with little money and little time! So we put our heads together, and thought up an idea we weren't expecting. "What if we used balloons?!" What a novel idea! Our clients wanted this dinner to be lively, airy, and celebratory. Balloons made perfect sense! Take a look at our final creation!

It's amazing what you can do with a little helium! (or in this case, lots of helium!) I wanted to take the time to encourage you to not be afraid to use balloons in whatever event you may be hosting. Your local party store can make this happen easily for you.
If you want your balloons to fly high, helium tanks can be rented or purchased, depending on the amount of balloons you want to blow up. Here is an easy breakdown to help you decide what you may need:
  • For 45-50 medium sized balloons, you can purchase disposable helium tanks for around $40. These tanks are recyclable and come ready to be used
  • For up to 100 large sized balloons, you can rent a small helium tank for around $65.
  • For up to 200 large balloons, you should rent a medium tank for around $75. Keep in mind, you will most likely need to put down a deposit for rented tanks in case of damage, but you do get it back upon the tanks return. (Deposits are usually $100 - and fully refundable.

To inspire you, take a look at some creations people have done! You'll be amazed at what balloons can do to any event!

( Pictures from: Martha Stewart Weddings, Balloonacy, Jimmy Jay Entertainment, Adventures In Fun)

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