Monday, April 12, 2010

Delicious Beginings!

Everybody loves good food, am I right? Food can make or break an event in my opinion... however, why wait to have delicious food served only for your main entree when you can wow your guests with delicious appetizers!

I have been recently dreaming up new and creative 'bites' that we can begin to offer in our catering repertoire, and have gone on a hunt to get some inspiration. There are so many different little items you can make to get your guests taste buds dancing! Here are some of my favorite food items that I plan on testing out, and hopefully making part of our menu.
I hope you're hungry!

Mini Whole Wheat Pancakes
These can be easily made on a griddle with your favorite pancake batter. Top it off with fresh seasonal fruit and maybe even some brown sugar for a delicious mid afternoon treat!

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Slider Burgers

A BBQ classic, but with a twist! Get your guests excited for the meal ahead with a small sampling from the grill! Slider patties are purchasable almost anywhere, including the small buns. All you need to do is top it off with your favorite garnishes and prepare for the compliments.

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Beet & Goat Cheese Chips
The name says it all! This delicious starter is made with unique beet chips. Although I'm sure you can find them in stores, consider making them yourself. All you need to do is slice the beet thinly, salt, and fry until crunchy. Top it off with a dollop of tangy goat cheese and fresh greens pre-tossed in a light vinaigrette. The combination of flavors will keep your guests coming for more.

Photos from Martha Stewart

Mini Scoops
This item is the perfect solution to serving ice cream without the mess! You can make little waffle cones that house tiny scoops of ice cream. Its the perfect no mess way to enjoy a refreshing dessert in the summer.

A spoon full of Pesto

This is perhaps my favorite item yet. All you need is some pesto, a fresh tomatoe slice, topped with perfectly aged parmesan or mozzarella and some fresh basil. Talk about FRESH and delicious.

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Bacon & Eggs
Here's a twist on the classic bacon & eggs! Make a cripy procuitto cup by baking the fresh procuitto in that shape. Fill it with a perfectly baked quail egg and a side of rye toast. This item is ideal for a post wedding brunch or a brial party luncheon.

The possibilities are endless! So have fun in the kitchen - and don't be afraid to try new and crazy things!

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