Saturday, March 13, 2010


Have you ever arrived at a formal event and wondered where specifically you should sit? I certainly have - and it's a little awkward in my opinion! An easy way to avoid guests standing around negotiating what table they should sit at, and with whom, is to have a detailed seating chart, or escort cards directing people where to go. There are plenty of creative ideas out there to make your seating chart as unique and special as your event! These ideas can be used for weddings, galas, fundraisers or any event you choose to host! Enjoy!

To make your wedding seating chart uniquely personal, have a picture of yourself or your fiancee at the age of your table number! So for table 5, have a picture of you at 5 years old.

Have your seating charts resemble chairs!

Anchor your outdoor seating chart with beautiful sheer ribbon for an extra touch of colour.

Have personalized buttons made that your guests can take with them as a fun keepsake of the special event. Plus, it looks pretty neat!

Add a touch of elegance by mounting your seating chart in frames on a wall. Its beautiful to look at, and completely unique.

Flowers always add a beautiful touch. Place your seating cards on a bed of carnations like shown below, and your guests will be blown away.

Photos provided by Martha Stewart
The ideas are endless! So have some fun with this added element to your event! Your guests will love the opportunity to experience something new and fun while finding their seat!

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