Sunday, January 10, 2010


Try these beauty helpers a solid month before your next big event. This way, if there are any glitches, you'll have plenty of time to 'recover'! :)

Self-Tanner: Whether you use a bottle or visit a spray-on booth, you'll want to make sure the colour is natural. Doing it ahead of time will allow the colour to blend with your skin better.

Deep Exfoliation, like glycolic peels: Althose these treatments are gentle, you never know how your skin will react. You don't want any irritation or flaky skin (old, dull skin sheds for a day or two after each treatment) to show on your special day. Four weeks gives you time for a few pre-wedding treatments.
Facials: I find that facials can cause skin to break out, since some skin types overreact to the extreme cleaning. You want to allow your skin to settle and get back to a normal state.

Waxing: This one is pretty simple! Doing this early will avoid rashes and red welts that are difficult to hide. Give your skin adequate time to heal.

I hope these tips prove to be helpful for you!


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